My name’s Alexa. I have been searching for work for three months, and I feel utterly demoralized.

Nice to meet you.

After being laid off this past June, I started my unemployment journey with a sense of hope. Having been in retail for over a decade, I considered my newfound joblessness an opportunity to find work that made me feel like I was making a difference. Or, at the very least, fulfilled me in a new way.

I imagined the perfect scenario, a modest place in the writing market, drinking half a pot of coffee a day in the comfort of my own home, submitting well-crafted articles about whatever hours before deadline. But they won’t have me. So here I am, creating my own little nook, hoping to connect with others who feel pigeonholed, voiceless, and afraid of what’s going to happen next on this twisted planet we call home.

I promise to keep the “woe is me” to a minimum, but I’m only human.